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Sightseeing on Paros

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March 4, 2019

Sightseeing on Paros

If you want to discover the cultural side of the island during your holidays on Paros, here are our suggestions for sites and landmarks to visit.

Sites in Parikia area

Ekatontapiliani Church

The most famous landmark of Paros, this 4th century church is a Byzantine architectural marvel and one of the most important places of worship for the Greek Orthodox around the world. Many legends and miracles are associated with “The Church of A Hundred Doors” and it’s worth attending the daily free guided tours in English.

Ekatontapyliani Church

Frankish Castle

The 13th century monument which used to serve as a watch tower and defense against the pirates and other intruders to the old settlement of Parikia that was surrounded by protective walls. The walls are made out of marble parts of the ancient temple on which it is built.

Frankish Castle

Archaeological Museum of Paros

A small but very interesting museum with important exhibits from the excavations on Paros and nearby islets, including some amazing statuettes from the Cycladic era. It’s worth hiring a tour guide to get the most out of the museum.

Temple of Apollo at Delion

This ancient temple is located on a small hill and it’s one of the best spots on the island to see the sunset and panoramic views of the area. Though there is not much to see at the archaeological site, the spot itself is totally worth the climb.

Temple of Asclepius

This was actually a kind of ‘hospital’ for the ancient Greek world, dedicated to Asclepius, the god of medicine and healing. Anyone with illness could come here, pass through some rituals and then sleep at the temple. Asclepius would then make him dream and it was these dreams that the priests interpreted in order to find the cure. 

Ancient Quarries of Marathi

This was the place where the famous marble of Paros came from. The area of the quarries is a great place for long walks in nature and you can still see the underground galleries from where ancient Parians used to extract the marble.

Sites in Naoussa area

Venetian Port

The Old Port of Naoussa is a jewel of beauty and history. A great place for coffee and drinks, worth visiting throughout the year. Don’t forget to walk until the edge of the port to the small castle, built to protect the village from the pirate attacks.

Venetian Castle

Paros Park & Korakas Lighthouse

This is a must-see! Paros Park is a natural area with various signaled footpaths that take you to many small beaches, amazing rock formations and various landmarks like the 19th cent. Lighthouse of Korakas. The area includes a cosmopolitan beach with a restaurant, water sports center, an amazing open-air amphitheater with music and theatrical events and an open-air cinema.

Paros Park

Monastery of Longovarda

Open only to male visitors, this monastery is an architectural masterpiece. The monks produce their own wine and a few other products which are worth tasting.

Sites on the East of Paros

Kalogeros Beach

This is a unique place to spend the day, set in a quiet area of natural beauty. The rocks surrounding the beach are made of clay. Using a bit of water, you can melt they clay and turn it into a thick cream which you can put all over your face, body and hair, making your own, free spa! Once the clay gets dry, you can wash it off in the sea and enjoy wonderful, shiny skin!

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